Diversity unlocks creativity, creativity unlocks yourself, and unlocking yourself opens the colorful treasure to nirvana.

Keep your eyes and mind open for your entire life. Once you close your mind, your beliefs turn into rocks that harden parts of your life, harden parts of yourself, and harden parts of your future. Your rocks will hold you in place, forcing you to constantly create myths about the external world. Essentially, everything we know is a myth. Everything we have been taught is imaginary. Every law and regulation we follow is imaginary. Our identity is imaginary.

This life is imaginary.

We live in a world full of imagination. Don’t let yourself live in a world that causes harm for your inner peace. Define what truth means to you.

Define your own truth.

Eat the food you are scared of because fears are imaginary. Do your own research about our history. Learn about what makes our country a country. Read books that teach you stuff you have always wanted to learn about. Travel to a place that has always sparked your interest. Immerse yourself in culture and diversity to the fullest extent because one day, we are all going to merge into one; one culture, one language, one currency, one respect, and one universe. We will have one world combining each niche culture to the max, exemplifying the beauty that resides in all. Each of us makes up a piece to the most incredible puzzle; a puzzle that connects us right on the edge of our outline that embeds all of our energy together.

It's time we come together and act like we are all in this one world together. At the end of the day, we are brothers and sisters. The feeling cultures provide us access to is limitless. We can learn the beauty that has been rooted in our cultures long before any of our time.

Overall, simplicity breeds peace

Much love and peace,




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Chelsey Grace Jacobs

a piece of our puzzle, a player in our game, and a lover in our universe