July 17th, 2020

Amsterdam, Netherlands

Chelsey Grace Jacobs


day by day. moment by moment. we got this. we always got this.

The owner and yoga instructor of Yoga Den, Nick, had such a good point today in my morning yoga class:

Someone who you can’t seem to escape and who genuinely annoys the shit of out you, no matter what, still deserves love and compassion. It's a time to see it as a challenge to open your heart, and avoid judgment because the more love and compassion you give out, the more it will reflect back into your entire arena. If you judge who they are and get angry, you will judge and get angry with yourself.

If you can work through the moments of annoyance and see the emotions for what they are, you can cultivate an established center line within to lean on when frustration takes over.

Life is going to annoy the shit out of you but the angrier you get, the more you are hurting yourself. Cultivating that center ground will help you immensely when connecting with whatever higher power you recognize to understand your place here and your emotions fully.

Whatever belongs to you internally is for you and you only. You can’t and do not need to explain your life linage because someone will try to compare it, judge it, or re-write it just to make themselves feel better.

Practice loving the annoyance or frustration emotion because once you see past the negativity, what lies ahead is pure love. Everything in this entire universe was cultivated from love, light, and energy. Everything is constantly moving and transforming.

Always remember everything starts as sour apples. The more you let the apples grow authentically, the better they taste. The same goes for life. The more patient you are with others, ideas, groups, and yourself, the sweeter and more enjoyable it’ll be. Life and love are meant to be shared.

Share it, live it, love it, be it.


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Chelsey Grace Jacobs

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