From the inside, we are all the same


How is racism towards any religion or ethnicity a thing? You aren’t that person, and will never be that person, so why do you feel the need to express so much hate towards something you aren't?

It’s funny for you to insult people? Yikes. Check yourself.

How are abortions up for debate? You're basically saying that men get to fuck up and women have to clean up their mess? If a woman wants an abortion, how does that affect you? White men in power need to stop asserting dominance in the gnarliest way possible. Like chill out.

How are gay rights up for debate? Love is love.

At the end of the day, from the inside, WE ALL LOOK THE SAME.

We are all equipt with the same insides. We all have a beating heart, a brain, emotions, eyes, etc.

Let people make decisions for themselves, let alone live for themselves. Stop trying to control something much bigger than you. Worry about yourself.

Live a little better and love a little harder.

Xoxo, Chelsey Grace Jacobs #W2W



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Chelsey Grace Jacobs

Chelsey Grace Jacobs


a piece of our puzzle, a player in our game, and a lover in our universe