Chelsey Grace Jacobs
5 min readJul 27, 2022

Wow, here it goes…

Through everything I’ve been through in my entire life, I cannot believe I pulled this off. Well, of course, I can believe it but not only did I “pull this off”, I showed myself that I can indeed do anything my mind or heart calls for.

I know and accept the powers of what it means to be human — what it means to create every single step of your life with the utmost love and confidence.

No matter the resistance, judgment, or questioning from others, I know I will take myself on the most extraordinary and radical journey here on earth.

I came to Amsterdam knowing nothing about the community, what I was doing here, where to work out, how to get around, how people treated each other, and most importantly — BUDGETING. But, I felt a strong call and pull that I must be here for the summer.

How do I express the catastrophic lessons budgeting has taught me? How do I express the difference between using your own money versus your parents? How do I express the difference in energy exchange and the intentions backed behind it? This summer did I not only take 0$ from my parents, but I dipped into my “savings” that “should never be touched till you're in the real world.”

But sisters, the real world started the moment I came out of the womb. The clock starts ticking the moment you take your first breath. Yeah, I didn't go to a big city and get an internship to strengthen my resume, but I damn sharpened my consciousness.

My entire life I thought I needed these clothes, shoes, a fuck ton of amazon packages, jewelry, and especially scary big food portions to feel safe, protected, and nourished. It took so much courage and trust in myself to come out here.

I showed myself while in Amsterdam that my body does not crave more than half of the amount I have been consuming for my entire life. In all honestly, I am scared to go home and see my closet.

I wasn’t out here shopping, doing drugs, drinking a lot on the weekends, clubbing, ubering everywhere, eating out every night, or laying in bed.

I was out here exploring one of the coolest and most alive cities I've ever seen and felt.

Chelsey Grace Jacobs

a piece of our puzzle, a player in our game, and a lover in our universe