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trust yourself ❤

Chelsey Grace Jacobs


If every day we wake up with the same intrusive thoughts and every day we get angry at them or don't allow a shift in our consciousness to occur, then how can change ever be cultivated?

As I realize how intoxicating and invasive intrusive thoughts are, there's a LARGE part of those voices that don’t belong to me. The voices I can’t control aren't me and they aren't you. I used to feed the fire to the thoughts and seek validation because I needed to make myself feel better and there was so much of me that wanted to identify with them. They felt a part of me. They feel a part of us. I couldn't ever imagine that they were there to help me, show me more of my potential, and register with the grand idea of “surrendering.” We get high off planning our futures and always use energy to create these futuristic illusions in our consciousness to feel safe, loved, and protected.

I do this a lot. I seek comfort in what's to come in the future but how could I not? I see the dopest future for myself! When doubt is expanded within my consciousness, I often forget my powers. We forget our powers. I loathe doubt but doubt can be used as a virtue if you alchemize it in that manner. If you can think that deep into doubt, you can think that clear into certainty.

If you remind yourself of the free spirit you truly are, then there is no issue when it comes to intrusive thoughts. You can recognize them as a gift — a gift to challenge yourself and come out on the other side stronger. Life is testing you.

There's no need for you to expand on negative behaviors toward yourself in times of doubt. You are a delightful, strong, lioness soul. You command your own expressions, physical reality, and have the opportunity to harmonize with the entire energetic sphere we live on — that WE collectively created. Harmonizing with the energetic sphere will penetrate you with no feelings of rush, no feelings of pressure, and no feelings of doubt. Sounds wonderful, right?

It could seem like hard work to tame your habitual way of thinking for “x” amount of years, but if this world has created what it has created, and us being a piece of this world, imagine the possibilities and creations you can create for your own world.

This universe is endless, always expanding, evolving, and changing. We can be always expanding, evolving, and changing with just the mere awareness of being a piece of this universe.

You are supposed to be here, during this time, and in this era. There is a reason the population has never been this unimaginably large. Something great is coming.

Something great is already here,

Chelsey Grace Jacobs #W2W



Chelsey Grace Jacobs

a piece of our puzzle, a player in our game, and a lover in our universe